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The premier natural hair salon located in Beaverton, OR. We offer beauty without compromise.

Organic, Non-Toxic Products

At Sheer PDX we use organic, non-toxic products including Avitalin and Organic Colour Systems.

Organic Colour Systems is so much more than a product range: It’s a philosophy, a conscious decision to do what you do in the most natural way possible, with ultimate respect for your hair and health.

Organic Colour Systems is the first range of long-lasting, permanent hair colors containing certified organic extracts and natural ingredients, which have been formulated to cover all grey hair.

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Natural Hair Care Products


The demand for a more natural alternative to traditional products is increasing more and more. Organic Colour Systems has certainly proved that these naturally-based products are highly effective. These products that we carry offer high performance, without damaging your hair or the health of you and our hairdressers.
Organic Colour Systems can not only do everything that a traditional ammonia-based color range can do – it can do more!

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Additionally, the actual color process will be a much more pleasant experience for you as there is no ammonia to irritate the scalp and cause itching. Instead, the colors are formulated with natural proteins, selected certified organic ingredients and vitamins, so that the hair is conditioned during the coloring process.

For more information, visit our partner’s website Organic Colour Systems

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All ingredients in Avitalin formulas work in harmony to achieve four important goals:

  • Restore blood circulation and improve healthy skin function
  • Increase hydration level
  • Protect from free radicals and environmental damage
  • Firm the contours of the face by improving the elasticity of the skin

The nutrient-rich formulas utilize advanced anti-aging technology and, equally important, they contain no harmful chemicals. Avitalin products nourish the skin’s protective barrier, improve the overall health of the skin, and preserve the skin’s youthful appearance with long-lasting results.

Avitalin products enhance the health of the skin in the same way a healthy diet and nutritional supplements support the entire body. The strategy is to maintain a balanced regimen by rotating a variety of ingredients and vitamins, providing the skin with all the nutrients it needs to achieve optimal skin health.